Bee the one to make a difference!

Hey everyone!

I was super excited to make this board since a resident from this wing and I are doing the Independent study where we work with bees. The bee population is really decreasing so we should do everything we can to save them. Fun fact, the hives we have are right by Rountree! We’re preparing to get our bees ready for winter.



Rountree Float!

Hey everyone!

For homecoming this year, I was part of the float team, and we were determined to win! Out hall theme was Australian, and so we went ahead and made an Austrialian themed float. A local car dealership lent us a jeep, and we got a nice long trailer to dec out! We had to learn a lot about Australian culture, and what the country is like compared to the stereotypes we see in media all the time. We actually learned that not a lot of what we knew about Australia was true, and that the country was very similar to ours.

Staying up until 2 am, and then waking up super early the next day to out it all together was tough, but it was worth it when we got first place!

Here are some pictures of the event!




Cookies, coming out, and compliments

Elissa and I helped to lead the compliment portion of this part of diversity week. It was a blast. Each resident would stand up against the wall and we wrote compliments around them on the dry erase wall. They had their eyes closed and would open them for a picture (which will end up in their mailbox).  They won’t see what anyone said until they see their picture! It was so much fun! 

Coming out stars

This week, we put on diversity week with a variety of events and activities going on. I was able to lead an activity called “Coming out stars”, which is an interactive project about what it’s like to come out as part of the lgbt community. 

Each star color had different events happen to them, with varying degrees of support. Factors such as communities, friends, families, work, and dreams, could all be lost when someone comes out.

It’s an eye opening experience that is really impactful. I hope to put on a similar program on the wing sometime soon!