International week

Tonight, Sammy, JaLynn, and I took some residents from our floor to Bridgeway for dinner since it’s International week and we thought it would be fun to try some new foods. My favorite was the dish from Spain!




Hey, 4 South!

Just wanted to put this up as a reminder to all of you that it doesn’t matter how amazing you do in school if you’re saying inappropriate things or posting inappropriate pictures on social media. This was confirmed by one of my co-workers back home who was the boss in a food company. Before hiring someone, they would check for certain things on social media and it doesn’t matter how protect your account is or what you delete; there are always ways around and it’s always there forever. This is not to scare you, but just to tell you, keep in mind your future career goals when on social media.


4 South Spotify Playlist

Hey everyone!

I made an interactive bulletin board where any of you can write a song , to which I’ll add it to a Spotify playlist that any of us can access by using the code on the side! It’s a great way to open yourself up to new music, and just relax as you work!

Music has been shown to have a calming factor, and just listening to a favorite song of yours can increase happiness throughout the day! Use this as a way to find some music that can help you relax or take the stress out of your everyday life! 


ASL Door Decs

Hey, 4 south. I had so much fun making these door decs. For those of you who don’t know, it is your name in American Sign Language (ASL).  A while ago, I had started teaching myself ASL, but have since forgotten most of it. It’s a beautiful language and a great way to communicate with people you otherwise may not be able to. 
Side note: after spending 8 hours on these (no exaggeration), I was sad to see that after just a few hours of  them being up, a few had been ripped down. Please don’t do this. It’s not funny and will not be tolerated.