Just a Swingin’

Guess what!? I finally got a resident to come to swing dance with me! I saw him walking out of class and asked if he would join. He thought about it for a second and said why not! He even stayed the entire time. I asked him if he had fun and he said that it was interesting and new, but he wasn’t very good. I told him he should come back! On our walk home, we talked about how we’re introvert/extrovert mixes but very different. For me, trying new things makes me nervous, but he loves it. I’ve talked to many of y’all about coming to swing, so I’d love to have you guys join me one night!




It’s the first day of spring which meant free ice cream at DQ! Ben and I took advantage of that. We got a nice work out walking there and back and were able to treat ourselves with this sweet treat! I’d love to get ice cream in the future with y’all!


Healthy Eating

Hey everyone!
Last week for a United We Stand speaker, we had Alexandra Catalano visit us and talk about healthy eating and living in general! She really focused on natural, organic products, that also were good for the body. She had a lot of amazing recommendations which I will attatch in pictures here, but please also be sure to check out her website and instagram in the links! She responds to messages frequently and will be more than happy to help you!