One Love Training

Hello 4South, we hope you are having a great weekend. At the beginning of the semester, we attended a program called One Love Training. It highlighted the seriousness of relationship violence on college campuses. The program has you watch a movie, called Escalation, that follows the start to tragic end of a abusive relationship,and then in smaller groups you talk about all the different themes and ideas from the movie. It is an extremely heartbreaking story but one that happens all too often on campuses.

National Statistics state that about 20 people a minute are physically abused by an intimate partner(1/3 for women and 1/4 for men). This does not have to be something that just happens though. We as a college and a community can take a stand to lower the prevalence of relationship violence in Platteville. Some quick things you can do to help: If you see something, say something. Don’t just let it happen and then wonder later how an incident got to that point. Watch out for your friends, if you see them experiences abuse in their relationship, report it and help them out.

Rountree will be having an all hall One Love program on October 18th from 7-9pm in the classroom so that you can learn more. We have also attached a link to the site so that you can learn more about One Love. In addition, the second link will take you to view a 5 min video about the One Love Escalation film and workshop in general. We hope that this will help a lot of people!

-Jesse Lueschow, Amanda Kinney


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