Stop the Hate: Hate Crimes

Hello all! On Tuesday I attended a stop the hate session on Tuesday dealing with hate laws. We talked about the different hate laws states have and all the different resources you can access if you would like to learn more. We talked about the hate pyramid which shows how things like offensive jokes and hate speech can be the underlying cause of much greater crimes like Theft, Murder or even Genocide. We talked about a specific example of Hotel Rwanda in Africa. Where a joke by one of the higher ups sparked a massive genocide that lead to the deaths of thousands of people. We also talked about some crimes that would borderline as hate crimes. One such example is if someone destroyed $490 worth of books because they were about the LGBT community it would be a misdemeanor but if it was over $500 worth of books it would be considered a felony. We also talked about how if prosecutors can link the crime to hate, in all but 4 states the severity of the punishment will be increased. We went through some case studies that dealt with certain scenarios and we were supposed to figure out if they were hate crimes or not. There were a lot of people there including some from Rountree. If you would like to learn more you can come talk to me or go to


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