Avoid the Flu

Today as I walked into Royce Hall I saw this lovely sign.


The sign reminding everyone to go get their flu shot and the amount of people that I know that are sick inspired this new bulletin board.

My hope is that all of you stay healthy so that you can go to class and do fun things after class and enjoy life not bogged down by the flu! This board gives some quick and easy tips to maximize your chances of staying healthy.. so go check it out!! If you are interested in getting a flu shot, head on over to Royce hall!

Here is a link to more information on when you can go to Royce hall and the flu shot: 14-0623-free-flu-shot-sign_proof2

And here is the URL to Student Health Services page in general:https://www.uwplatt.edu/health-services

Stay healthy 4S!



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