Día de los Muertos


I hope that you enjoyed the door decs I put up just after Halloween. These were my paper representation of sugar skulls used to celebrate Day of the Dead on November 2.

At every suite door there was an informative sheet about this Mexican holiday and a blank paper sugar skull so that you could color your own in celebration of the holiday if you wished.

It will probably be difficult to remember every detail about this holiday, however, hopefully you can remember the door decs or your own colored sugar skull and fill in the main picture details about what this holiday is all about. Sugar skulls are often decorated with bright colors. These bright colors can remind  you that Día de los Muertos is about celebrating life. ‘Día de los Muertos’ translates from Spanish to ‘Day of the Dead’ in English. The language can remind you that this is a Mexican holiday and the title of the holiday can remind you that the lives being celebrated are those of friends and family that have passed away.

I learned something while making these door decs and from the informative sheet. I hope you did too.



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