Stop the Hate: Hate Music & Hate Symbols

Hello 4 South, on Wednesday I attended a stop the hate session dealing with hate music and hate symbols. We went into extensive detail talking about quite a few different symbols that hate groups use as symbols for a plethora of reasons. One obvious example is the Swastika symbol used by Nazis in Germany which has very antisemitic connotations. There were quite a few others and I have posted a link that you can go to, to learn more about them. We also talked about what hate music is. Hate music is music with lyrics that purposefully target certain groups of people for a variety of reasons including race, gender, religion, etc. None of the hate music groups discussed were mainstream , but still they exists and quite a few of them have significant following. If you would like to learn more about hate music, I have posted another link you can go to to learn more about it and I’m available anytime I’m in my room if you would like to come talk about it more in person. I hope everyone has a great week.


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