Stop the Hate: Being an Ally and victim advocacy

Hey 4South, on Friday night I attended a Stop the Hate session put on by our very own Cassie Strandberg. We talked about how Hate & Bias incidents can affect a victim including emotional,physical and property damage. 

We talked about Ally/Oppression spectrum which helps determine how much of an Ally you are for different groups of people. We talked about what victims of hate crimes need including Support, to be Heard, and to know What’s Next as far as going on with their lives. We also talked about what you can do as an Ally for different groups of people including denouncing actions that may cause harm to the group you are an Ally for, being supportive of victims of a hate crime, and hosting events that bring awareness to different groups plights. All of these things will not just benefit the group you are an Ally for, but also will make the community feel safe and welcoming to all walks of life. Every little bit helps. If you would like more information I posted some of the handouts below or you can go to 


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