Tonight I went to a stop the hate session that focused on hate towards women. We reviewed everything from degrading language and jokes to rape and other forms of sexual assault against women. I learned some alarming facts in particular about sexual assault. On average a college age perpetrator has assaulted 6 victims. It was also told that on average perpetrators don’t get caught and charged for sexual assault for 16 years, bringing the number of victims that they have assaulted into the hundreds. Perpetrators are known to plan their attacks and also have conversations with victims before going through with their planned assaults.

The biggest way that we can help out in any situation is to be a good bystander. There are three words to remember in being a good bystander: direct, divert and delegate. You can directly stand up to the perpetrator, divert everyone’s attention so that you can help get the victim out of the situation, or find another person to help out if you feel uncomfortable helping out in the situation yourself. Pay attention to everyday conversations and stand up for women when sexist jokes are made or when hateful comments are made towards them. This is such an easy way to do your part in stopping the hate toward women!

If you are interested in attending a stop the hate session, let me know and I’d be happy to go with you. The dates for the upcoming sessions are below (even though it says 2015-2016 the dates are correct!).


Speak up always!




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