Depression Awareness

Hey 4 South!!

I hope that everyone of you had an amazing Spring Break! I know that it definitely flies by and I’m usually left with wanting another week to Relax and Re-coupe after Mid-term exams or Mid-term projects. For some of us Spring break can be a time of great fun, being home or going on vacation, but I also know that it may be a time of anxiety and at times depression. The semester is now half way done, and for some classes may be a little rocky and mid-term grades will give us a good perspective of how the semester will more than likely turn out. Therefore, I have put up this Depression Awareness bulletin board explaining what Depression is, and what you may do to either help yourself out of this state, or how to lend a hand to a friend you may notice is depressed. So come on by and have a read, maybe learn some useful tips and how you can improve your mood or get out of a funk!

For me this board is helpful with figuring out why some friends are acting the way they are. Have a great start to the second half of your beautiful Spring semester and don’t be afraid to talk to someone about how you are feeling, because you ARE NOT alone in this.





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