Women’s Week Day 1: Open Discussion

Hello Fellow 4 South Residents!

It is now Wednesday and two of the Women’s Week events have already flown by. The first of the two was an open panel of ladies from the University. On the panel was Alisha Richard, our RD, Robin Gore, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Linda Bowden, Director of Residents life, and Dong Isbister, Ph. D Women’s Studies. During this open discussion those who attended had the chance to ask about different open issue’s with our society pertaining to women. The discussion opened with a questions asking the panel how the media had played a role in their lives growing up. The panel discussed different experiences such as reasoning behind why they chose certain career paths, or how they may have once thought they needed to dress or look, but overall the panel made it clear that what the media portrays is a long way off from reality. Talking about how even the models in the magazines don’t look like their pictures, because Photoshop is so heavily used to cover up any blemishes, therefore, that should never be a standard to strive for. This lead into another topic. The difficulty with cloth shopping.

As a male attending this event I had no idea how difficult sizing/ finding clothing could really be. When I go shopping I know that I need a medium shirt and 32″ 32″ jeans. Even between brand these sizes stay somewhat consistent. When I heard though how difficult finding the right size could be coming from a ladies stand point, I’ve found that I have it very easy. We talked about how vastly the sizes will differ between brands, or how the sizes are just numbers… With no real rhyme or reason that seem to changes just as easily as the seasons come and go. This was a little baffling for myself. I have to say a definite eye opener. I know for sure the next time I go clothes shopping I will not take my ease for granted. Having this panel come to our Hall and open up to talk about some tough issues has been a great opportunity for all to be a part of.

As the week is half way over now there is still one more event that you can come and attend as part of Women’s week. Again these events are open to everyone! Not just the ladies! So if you’re free Thursday night 7-9, stop by the classroom for the Trash& Compliment event! It’s going to be a great time!

-BenWomen's Week


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