Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

A great big thank you to all of the residents of 4 South who were able to contribute plastic bottles to the college of EMS! When the college of EMS called on students to help provide bottles for some cool experiments, 4 South answered! These plastic bottles will be reused this Thursday during the EMS Expo here on campus where over 1500 Middle school students will have the opportunity to learn about the engineering fields offered here on Campus! If you have a chance feel free to stop by and check out some of the exhibits going on! Collecting these bottles is an awesome way to implement one of the three R’s of recycling, REUSE!! Again thank you to all who were able to give your used pop/soda bottles this week and remember that Recycling is always encouraged and very easy to do! Each floor here at RTC has its own garbage/ Recycle room and all recycling on the Platteville campus is single stream so no need to sort!!

Have a great day



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