Thoughts when in a Relationship

The end of the year is coming! Many of us are looking forward to this fact, however, some of us don’t like the idea of being separated from that certain someone. Whether you are currently in a steady relationship or are just beginning to know someone, you may have the thought of summer break in your mind. This means you will more than likely be making a decision of what direction to take your relationship. Some may end, while others will want to become more serious and make it an official commitment.

For either or any of these possible avenues there is some advise to be had. Although this board does not touch on every level of relationship advise it does help to keep your feelings in mind. The last thing you want from a relationship is to get hurt or to feel like you’ve made a mistake. So before you make a decision that either makes you fell like the top of the world, or has the potential to pull on your heart too hard, take a look at the new bulletin board and think of how you will feel when you make relationship decisions. Be safe when meeting others for the first time, and think about your decisions before acting.

If you ever need to talk to someone there are services on campus as well to help you through relationship difficulties or more serious instances.

Use the link above to get to the student health services page for help in any case.



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