Stretching out the rest of Your Meal Plan

4 South!

As the semester comes to a close hopefully everyone did some smart meal plan budgeting, however, Some may be looking to stretch those last 5 meals for the rest of the semester!! That could be 1 and 1/2 weeks! So for some creative ideas on a dish that is generally cheap I have hung up a bulletin Board outlining these ideas! In the hall you can find some new twists on one of the cheapest meals you can buy! RAMEN! Although it may not be the healthiest dish you definitely need to make sure your body is receiving some sort of nutrition, and this may be the answer! So, as your minds continue to work hard the end of this semester, keep them fed! Possibly with one of these creative takes on the seemingly boring Ramen you can buy a ton of with one meal!

I hope no one is finding themselves out of meals yet! or that they can use this board to make the stretch to the end while keeping your bellies full!!




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