Intramural Football

Unfortunately yall didn’t make it in the yearly pictures, but thanks to the 4 ladies of 4S that came out and played intramural football! We won more games than we lost so I’d say we did decent! More importantly I enjoyed having fun and being active with yall the last 5 weeks! I’m a little sad that we don’t have any more games. 

Hope yall had fun the last couple weeks!



Camping Door Decs

It’s May people! Wow.. time flies! Today I put up your last set of door decs for the year. I made camping themed door decs because as summer approaches I start thinking about camping and how great it is to get together around the camp fire with friends. Hopefully this year you have had a chance to make some campfire friends, the kind where you can just be your athentic self in front of and just hang out with. 

Have a great day!