Dinner with the Professor!

Thank you to all who were able to come enjoy some hot dogs and Brats with Dale Henze! It seemed like everyone who attended had a good time talking with Dale and hearing some funny stories! For those of you who did catch his position here at UWP, he is a School of Education senior Lecturer. After retiring from being a middle school principal in Illinois, Dale was asked to come to Platteville to teach introductory education courses, while along the way picking a couple extra up. dale has many years of wisdom regarding the education field and he is always happy to share his experiences with his students. If you’ve had the opportunity to have him for a class, then you know this. If you currently are a student of his and want to get to know him better stop by his office, and he’ll talk your ear right off.

Again thank you to all who attended the event tonight! If you have any questions regarding Dale or want his information stop by and I can point you in his direction.




Stretching out the rest of Your Meal Plan

4 South!

As the semester comes to a close hopefully everyone did some smart meal plan budgeting, however, Some may be looking to stretch those last 5 meals for the rest of the semester!! That could be 1 and 1/2 weeks! So for some creative ideas on a dish that is generally cheap I have hung up a bulletin Board outlining these ideas! In the hall you can find some new twists on one of the cheapest meals you can buy! RAMEN! Although it may not be the healthiest dish you definitely need to make sure your body is receiving some sort of nutrition, and this may be the answer! So, as your minds continue to work hard the end of this semester, keep them fed! Possibly with one of these creative takes on the seemingly boring Ramen you can buy a ton of with one meal!

I hope no one is finding themselves out of meals yet! or that they can use this board to make the stretch to the end while keeping your bellies full!!



Catching Your Breath at The Hall Bon-Fire

Hey 4 South!

I know I saw some of you down at the fire enjoying some wonderful S’mores!! Hopefully this was as relaxing for you as it was for me. These last weeks have got everyone buckling down and pounding out all of the final assignments and buttoning up the left over projects! Last night was a perfect time to catch your breath relax and get mind ready to keep on going through this final push!! Keep it up everyone!! This time in two weeks, school will be out and some may be home or at an internship getting sometime to unwind and begin something all together new!

Lets get these final days done! But still find time to keep our minds and have some fun as well!

-Ben and Amanda


Dementia Awareness Event

Hello 4 South,

This past Tuesday our campus hosted a dementia awareness event. This event was put on by three of our very own Pioneer ladies. They set this event up to help our community be more aware of what dementia truly is, what we can do to recognize the signs, and how Wisconsin is here to help those with Dementia, including their loved ones. We were delighted to have the company of two speakers during this event. The first speaker was Whitney Thompson, MPH, CHES. Whitney is from the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). This center was created to help communities become better capable with helping those with Dementia, and to help their care givers as well. Whitney spoke about the statistics of Wisconsin, and that there are currently over 115,000 residents with Dementia. Whitney then explain that Dementia is not a specific term. She explained that using the term “Dementia” is like using the term “Cancer”. Dementia is a broad term and like cancer there are specific types of dementia, with the most widely known as Alzheimer’s.

Dementia is caused by physical damage to the brain. a brain with dementia is visually smaller than a brain that is healthy. Therefore this physical damage causes the brain not function normally. Some of the most symptoms will effect these areas; Memory, Communication and Language, Focus and Attention Span, Reasoning and Judgment, or Visual Perception.

The second speaker was named Kent. He was a school teacher for 36 years and his wife has been diagnosed with having a type of dementia. She was only 62 years old when she was diagnosed. Kent spoke about the adaptations he has made to be able to help his wife live the best life possible, along with how to deal with the difficult times. Kent told us how supportive the ADRC is and how if we ever have loved ones who are diagnosed with a form of dementia that we shouldn’t wait to talk with the center. Kent also spoke about other groups in the area who are here to help.

I have a copy of the pamphlet in my room, so if any of you would like to have a copy I will be sure to get you one, so that you can find the help that is available to all.


Thoughts when in a Relationship

The end of the year is coming! Many of us are looking forward to this fact, however, some of us don’t like the idea of being separated from that certain someone. Whether you are currently in a steady relationship or are just beginning to know someone, you may have the thought of summer break in your mind. This means you will more than likely be making a decision of what direction to take your relationship. Some may end, while others will want to become more serious and make it an official commitment.

For either or any of these possible avenues there is some advise to be had. Although this board does not touch on every level of relationship advise it does help to keep your feelings in mind. The last thing you want from a relationship is to get hurt or to feel like you’ve made a mistake. So before you make a decision that either makes you fell like the top of the world, or has the potential to pull on your heart too hard, take a look at the new bulletin board and think of how you will feel when you make relationship decisions. Be safe when meeting others for the first time, and think about your decisions before acting.

If you ever need to talk to someone there are services on campus as well to help you through relationship difficulties or more serious instances.


Use the link above to get to the student health services page for help in any case.



4 South!!

Before you know it, it is going to be Summer Break! There are only 3 weeks of class left and for some lucky ones, that is it for the semester if you don’t have to take any finals. Now Summer Break is generally a time everyone is looking forward to, however, it may be a time when we get bored or begin to miss all of our friends we seemingly only see on campus! Well come check out this new bulletin board for some suggestions as how you can have fun this summer and feel like you are accomplishing something! This board has ideas on how to spend your summer and how to grow as a person while in the act! When you have a spare minute come take a look and find some ideas!



Fight Night on 4 South

Come on down and place your vote in the suggestion box for who would win in a fight! This bulletin board has multiple match ups between all sorts of characters! Literally!! We want to know who you think would be able to be crowned victorious in an all out brawl in each match up! Supersmash Bros Style! Write your votes down using the post-it notes on the suggestion box, then submit them using the suggestion box! No need to identify yourself this will be an anonymous submission! After two weeks of voting, we’ll have the results posted to this page!