Have a Great Summer

Thanks for a great year everybody! Good luck on the rest of your finals and have a great summer! Don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me around next year.



Walkin’ on Sunshine

As you are getting ready to leave and enjoy summer, I hope you remember to be smart about the sun. Even though most people don’t like putting on sunscreen it is important for the health of your skin. Besides sunscreen it is important to keep yourself hydrated, wear the right kind of hats and find some shade during the day. Go checkout this bulletin for some quick reminders on how to be safe this summer!

Enjoy your summer!


Tye Dye

It was a gorgeous day this past Saturday! Thanks to all yall that took the time to come tye dye socks and shirts with us. There were tons of colors to pick from and lots of ways to design the tye dye. It was super cool to see each of you make a different design and pick the colors that represented each of you. Everyones shirts and socks turned out unique and it was awesome to see!

Good luck studying everyone!


Art with Carole Spelic

Check out this recycled art project that we did yesterday with Carole Spelic, a professor from the art department! We took old magazines, tore them in pieces and had a little piece of each strip showing. Then we made cut out designs on black paper that was layed on top of the magazine strips so just bits and pieces of the color showed through. Everyones projects turned out super cool!

If you see Carole on campus don’t be afraid to go talk to her especially if it art related! She had lots of tips and tricks yesterday and she enjoyed sharing them with us! If you are interested in doing the art project that we did last night, want to know more about Carole, or about the art department, come talk to me and I’ll point you in the right direction!
Thanks to those of you that came to the event last night!


Intramural Football

Unfortunately yall didn’t make it in the yearly pictures, but thanks to the 4 ladies of 4S that came out and played intramural football! We won more games than we lost so I’d say we did decent! More importantly I enjoyed having fun and being active with yall the last 5 weeks! I’m a little sad that we don’t have any more games. 

Hope yall had fun the last couple weeks!


Camping Door Decs

It’s May people! Wow.. time flies! Today I put up your last set of door decs for the year. I made camping themed door decs because as summer approaches I start thinking about camping and how great it is to get together around the camp fire with friends. Hopefully this year you have had a chance to make some campfire friends, the kind where you can just be your athentic self in front of and just hang out with. 

Have a great day!