Evening walk

Tonight a resident and I went for a really long walk. We actually ended up getting lost and realized we were 30 mins away away from rountree. We ended up around main and 2nd street trying to get back where an old drunk guy catcalled me. It actually ended up being a great conversation about catcalls that have happened in the past and how awkward it can feel when it happens. It’s important to have these conversations and talk about issues going on around our campus. I plan to continue going for walks the rest of the week in case anyone would like to join!



Mayonnaise IS a competency!

Hey everyone!

Wow! You wouldn’t believe how many uses there are for mayo! It seems to be a great, inexpensive alternative for a variety of things! Who would’ve thought? So this May, buy some mayo and try it out! And check out my board to see all of the cool uses… but, you’ll have to travel down to 2nd floor (2w). Who knows, maybe you’ll make some new friends!


Kiss my Ace

Hi 4S!

It was nice to see some of you participating in the volley-hall spectacular. This was a great opportunity for Rountree residents to get active while meeting people around the building. Something that was really fun for me was having the opportunity to play on a team with someone from 2nd floor while playing against 2 of my residents (thanks for the trash talk guys 😏). It’s such a cool experience to get to know a variety of people in a fun and relaxed setting!