Hey everyone! As part of the mindfulness night of relaxation week, we brought in Jason Artz, a counselor here on campus. He led us through a few mindfulness exercises, which focused on health and our bodies, along with positivity.

Thanks to all those who came!



Biology Brown Bag!

Hey everyone!

Today I brought a resident to biology brown bag. For those of you who don’t know, these are presentations where students and professors bring in a lunch and listen to a speech by a professor (or occasionally a biology student) regarding research. Today, John Peterson gave a speech about amphibians and reptiles! Ben was a little grossed out (as shown in the pic below). This is a really cool opportunity, as there is a room full of biology professors which can open you up to new experiences. I asked Ben what he thought the most interesting part was and he said that it was crazy that when the hognose snake feels threatened, it will bite itself to produce blood, poop, and play dead. We got to see it on video and it was insane! If anyone would like to come to brown bag in the future, I’ve attached dates!


Mindfulness and Meditation

Last night we had counselor Jason Artz from campus come to talk a little about the benefits of meditation and lead a short mediation session. It was great to have in come in and hear from a counselors perspective. Below you will find the link to the counseling website. On their site you will find multiple resources related to metal wellness.
Link:  https://www.uwplatt.edu/counseling-services/wellness


Dinner with the Professor!

Thank you to all who were able to come enjoy some hot dogs and Brats with Dale Henze! It seemed like everyone who attended had a good time talking with Dale and hearing some funny stories! For those of you who did catch his position here at UWP, he is a School of Education senior Lecturer. After retiring from being a middle school principal in Illinois, Dale was asked to come to Platteville to teach introductory education courses, while along the way picking a couple extra up. dale has many years of wisdom regarding the education field and he is always happy to share his experiences with his students. If you’ve had the opportunity to have him for a class, then you know this. If you currently are a student of his and want to get to know him better stop by his office, and he’ll talk your ear right off.

Again thank you to all who attended the event tonight! If you have any questions regarding Dale or want his information stop by and I can point you in his direction.



Art with Carole Spelic

Check out this recycled art project that we did yesterday with Carole Spelic, a professor from the art department! We took old magazines, tore them in pieces and had a little piece of each strip showing. Then we made cut out designs on black paper that was layed on top of the magazine strips so just bits and pieces of the color showed through. Everyones projects turned out super cool!

If you see Carole on campus don’t be afraid to go talk to her especially if it art related! She had lots of tips and tricks yesterday and she enjoyed sharing them with us! If you are interested in doing the art project that we did last night, want to know more about Carole, or about the art department, come talk to me and I’ll point you in the right direction!
Thanks to those of you that came to the event last night!


Dr. Fields

Dr. Fields is one of my civil engineering  professors and she has a lot of great advice when it comes to academics and she is fun to talk with outside of class.  Check out the bulletin board I made on her! The bulletin board includes some information about her, her hobbies, thinks she likes, who she is on this campus, her tips for students in any major, and some information about a study abroad trip she is leading at the beginning of this summer!

If you are interested in this study abroad trip you can come talk to me or talk to Dr. Fields.

I really encourage you to get to know at least one of your professors really well each semester. It helps you do better in that class because you are more likely to ask the questions you have and it makes class more fun when you know that you can relate to a professor outside of the classroom.