Rtcc volleyball tournament!

Thanks to everyone who participated and came to the volleyball game today! We had a really good turnout and great food cooked for us! I was very surprised to see how well it did and how much participation we got! Congrats to the winners!



Healthy Eating

Hey everyone!
Last week for a United We Stand speaker, we had Alexandra Catalano visit us and talk about healthy eating and living in general! She really focused on natural, organic products, that also were good for the body. She had a lot of amazing recommendations which I will attatch in pictures here, but please also be sure to check out her website and instagram in the links! She responds to messages frequently and will be more than happy to help you!




Bundle up!

I made some winter hat door decs as a reminder to stay warm and protected this winter. Hypothermia occurs as soon as the body temperature becomes less than 95°F. Some of the most common causes of it is improper clothing when in cold conditions. The CDC recommends wearing a hat and gloves in winter, because a large percent of body heat is lost through those extremities.

So remember to bundle up and stay warm this winter!


I hope you LAVA this game! 🌋

Remember when you were a kid and would just from couch to couch avoiding the lava that was DEFINITELY on the ground until you passed out from exhaustion? Well here is a little twist on the game to let you have a little fun and get a mini work out in as well! THE FLOOR IS LAVA! I couldn’t even finish setting this up before people were jumping around! 4W even asked if I would do something for their side! Be safe and have fun everyone!