Stretching out the rest of Your Meal Plan

4 South!

As the semester comes to a close hopefully everyone did some smart meal plan budgeting, however, Some may be looking to stretch those last 5 meals for the rest of the semester!! That could be 1 and 1/2 weeks! So for some creative ideas on a dish that is generally cheap I have hung up a bulletin Board outlining these ideas! In the hall you can find some new twists on one of the cheapest meals you can buy! RAMEN! Although it may not be the healthiest dish you definitely need to make sure your body is receiving some sort of nutrition, and this may be the answer! So, as your minds continue to work hard the end of this semester, keep them fed! Possibly with one of these creative takes on the seemingly boring Ramen you can buy a ton of with one meal!

I hope no one is finding themselves out of meals yet! or that they can use this board to make the stretch to the end while keeping your bellies full!!



Catching Your Breath at The Hall Bon-Fire

Hey 4 South!

I know I saw some of you down at the fire enjoying some wonderful S’mores!! Hopefully this was as relaxing for you as it was for me. These last weeks have got everyone buckling down and pounding out all of the final assignments and buttoning up the left over projects! Last night was a perfect time to catch your breath relax and get mind ready to keep on going through this final push!! Keep it up everyone!! This time in two weeks, school will be out and some may be home or at an internship getting sometime to unwind and begin something all together new!

Lets get these final days done! But still find time to keep our minds and have some fun as well!

-Ben and Amanda


Intramural Football

Unfortunately yall didn’t make it in the yearly pictures, but thanks to the 4 ladies of 4S that came out and played intramural football! We won more games than we lost so I’d say we did decent! More importantly I enjoyed having fun and being active with yall the last 5 weeks! I’m a little sad that we don’t have any more games. 

Hope yall had fun the last couple weeks!


10 Fitness Facts

The weather has been so nice lately! If you are anything like me, you may have been thinking about starting up working out again. This board has a few fitness facts regarding the benefits of working out and getting regular exercise.

Get out and enjoy the weather!



Yall are doing a great job making it through the semester and we thought you deserved a spontaneous treat! Keep studying hard and finish out these last three weeks before finals strong. If we didn’t catch you in the hallway come to one of our rooms to grab a pack of M&Ms. 

-Ben and Amanda

Let the Games Begin!!

Hello 4 South!!

Today we will start our Spring 2017 Intramural Soccer season! I hope that everyone has signed up who is looking to participate in at least one of the games! This is our schedule for the season and we always play on Sundays.

Since this is indoor soccer the rules are a little different. Some major things to note: The out of bounds is when the ball hits above the blue border of the wall, there are no off sides, the goaly may attempt to throw for a goal, and subing is done on the fly!

Before each game we will meet near the 4th floor kitchen 30 minutes prior to game time and walk to the PAC together. You will need your student ID and a pair of gym shoes only to be worn in the gym (Meaning shoes without salt). If you’re interested please sign up today the season is FREE!!

Let’s get out there and have some FUN!!0205171003