Consent is important

Hey everyone!

I put together a bulletin board about consent, since it seems to be a big story in the news this year. It’s always important to know what consent is, and if someone is able to give consent.



In hall programming

Before we start school, the hall put on an in hall program that involved lots of food and activities! There were lots of frozen treats to beat the summer heat, and lots of sports to keep us active!

We played volleyball, basketball, bags, and had a great time getting to know everyone and making new friends! We hope you come to more hall events in the future! 

-Sammy and Sarah

Glow campus

On Sunday Night, we took some of our residents to glow campus, a rave type event put on by the school. We danced for a few hours, sang along to the music, got our faces painted, and got a good workout of it as well!

Dancing is one of the best ways to get your daily amounts of cardio in! A 30 minute dance session burns about the same amount of calories as jogging, which makes it a fun and easy way to keep your heart healthy! It also has been proven to help with balance and coordination! 
So if you ever want a fun way to stay healthy, keep a look out for similar events put on by campus!

-Sammy and Sarah

Stretching out the rest of Your Meal Plan

4 South!

As the semester comes to a close hopefully everyone did some smart meal plan budgeting, however, Some may be looking to stretch those last 5 meals for the rest of the semester!! That could be 1 and 1/2 weeks! So for some creative ideas on a dish that is generally cheap I have hung up a bulletin Board outlining these ideas! In the hall you can find some new twists on one of the cheapest meals you can buy! RAMEN! Although it may not be the healthiest dish you definitely need to make sure your body is receiving some sort of nutrition, and this may be the answer! So, as your minds continue to work hard the end of this semester, keep them fed! Possibly with one of these creative takes on the seemingly boring Ramen you can buy a ton of with one meal!

I hope no one is finding themselves out of meals yet! or that they can use this board to make the stretch to the end while keeping your bellies full!!



Catching Your Breath at The Hall Bon-Fire

Hey 4 South!

I know I saw some of you down at the fire enjoying some wonderful S’mores!! Hopefully this was as relaxing for you as it was for me. These last weeks have got everyone buckling down and pounding out all of the final assignments and buttoning up the left over projects! Last night was a perfect time to catch your breath relax and get mind ready to keep on going through this final push!! Keep it up everyone!! This time in two weeks, school will be out and some may be home or at an internship getting sometime to unwind and begin something all together new!

Lets get these final days done! But still find time to keep our minds and have some fun as well!

-Ben and Amanda