Dinner with residents

This week, Sarah and I took two of our residents out to dinner at bridgeway. We started talking about a lot of different things like classes and work, but ended up talking about relationships, and they types of people we liked. It was cool to see how different we all were in regards to what we liked, but that we all still got along well! We hope to be able to go out with them again!

-Sammy and Sarah


Tye Dye

It was a gorgeous day this past Saturday! Thanks to all yall that took the time to come tye dye socks and shirts with us. There were tons of colors to pick from and lots of ways to design the tye dye. It was super cool to see each of you make a different design and pick the colors that represented each of you. Everyones shirts and socks turned out unique and it was awesome to see!

Good luck studying everyone!



4 South!!

Before you know it, it is going to be Summer Break! There are only 3 weeks of class left and for some lucky ones, that is it for the semester if you don’t have to take any finals. Now Summer Break is generally a time everyone is looking forward to, however, it may be a time when we get bored or begin to miss all of our friends we seemingly only see on campus! Well come check out this new bulletin board for some suggestions as how you can have fun this summer and feel like you are accomplishing something! This board has ideas on how to spend your summer and how to grow as a person while in the act! When you have a spare minute come take a look and find some ideas!



Would You Rather…

Hey yall! Some of you have already seen the new would you rather board that i put up last night on the mechanical door next my room. I am really excited about how it turned out and also am really excited about giving yall a tough question to answer every week. This week’s question is: Would you rather take a one week vacation to the foreign country of your choice or take a four week vacation around your own country?

 If you havent already, go find your name and move it to your desired spot. I hope this board sparks some fun hallway conversations if there are some of you that feel passionately one way or the other about the questions I put up!

Look for new questions every Sunday!


Fictional Bucket List

Hey! Check out the only bulletin board I’ve seen that you can walk through! On both walls you will see different ideas from popular movies that could be on your fictional bucket list. Although these are all made up, it’s  fun to think outside the box on what you would do in a fictional world. It’s  also a good reminder that you get to choose who you are and the path you take. Your future is open and you get to choose what is on your real life bucket list! Shoot for the stars!


Left VS Right Brain

Go check out this bulletin board  on the Left and Right brain and how they differ. Take the light switch quiz to find out if you are left or right brained, or read whats on both sides and see where you think you fit. Maybe you are a little bit of both brain hemispheres! After determining which side you are you will be able to use the points given to help you better understand yourself and other people. There are also some learning styles up in the top corners. Check those out and see how to study more effectively so that you can boost your grades before finals get here!