Net neutrality

Hey everyone!

I put up a bulletin board describing the upcoming vote on net neutrality, and what it means to each of us! It’s important to know what is going on in the world around you, especially when something like a piece of legislation could change your daily routine. Feel free to read up and make an educated choice!



Root Beer floats

Working with RTCC, my wing put on a root beer float even to encourage people to come and socialize with their neighbors. We ended up having a turnout of about 5x more than usual, which was great to see and we hope we can come up with ways to keep them coming!

Seeing people get involved and having more people know what is going on is a great way for them to figure out what they like to do and what they wanna be involved in. RTCC meetings is a great way to get them find that, and to get others more involved.


Stop the hate

Last night, we attended the stop the hate session that taught us about the laws for hate and bias incidents and crimes. It was really cool to learn the difference. For example, just verbally calling someone gay would be an incident, but writing it in a book where it would cause monetary damage would be a crime. The most important thing I gained from this session is based off of the pyramid of hate which I’ve included a picture of. It was explained to us that if you are throwing a ball at a pyramid, trying to knock it down, you aim at the bottom, which is why we as students, RA’s, friends, and peer, need to stop the simple acts of bias before it gets worse. If you hear someone make an innapropriate joke, tell them that’s not cool.