Dino-mite door decs!


I just threw up these cute dinosaur door decs! I had a ton of fun making them, and I hope all of you have as much fun reading the fun facts to go with them! Check them out!



Stop the hate

Last night, we attended the stop the hate session that taught us about the laws for hate and bias incidents and crimes. It was really cool to learn the difference. For example, just verbally calling someone gay would be an incident, but writing it in a book where it would cause monetary damage would be a crime. The most important thing I gained from this session is based off of the pyramid of hate which I’ve included a picture of. It was explained to us that if you are throwing a ball at a pyramid, trying to knock it down, you aim at the bottom, which is why we as students, RA’s, friends, and peer, need to stop the simple acts of bias before it gets worse. If you hear someone make an innapropriate joke, tell them that’s not cool.

Walkin’ on Sunshine

As you are getting ready to leave and enjoy summer, I hope you remember to be smart about the sun. Even though most people don’t like putting on sunscreen it is important for the health of your skin. Besides sunscreen it is important to keep yourself hydrated, wear the right kind of hats and find some shade during the day. Go checkout this bulletin for some quick reminders on how to be safe this summer!

Enjoy your summer!


Dementia Awareness Event

Hello 4 South,

This past Tuesday our campus hosted a dementia awareness event. This event was put on by three of our very own Pioneer ladies. They set this event up to help our community be more aware of what dementia truly is, what we can do to recognize the signs, and how Wisconsin is here to help those with Dementia, including their loved ones. We were delighted to have the company of two speakers during this event. The first speaker was Whitney Thompson, MPH, CHES. Whitney is from the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). This center was created to help communities become better capable with helping those with Dementia, and to help their care givers as well. Whitney spoke about the statistics of Wisconsin, and that there are currently over 115,000 residents with Dementia. Whitney then explain that Dementia is not a specific term. She explained that using the term “Dementia” is like using the term “Cancer”. Dementia is a broad term and like cancer there are specific types of dementia, with the most widely known as Alzheimer’s.

Dementia is caused by physical damage to the brain. a brain with dementia is visually smaller than a brain that is healthy. Therefore this physical damage causes the brain not function normally. Some of the most symptoms will effect these areas; Memory, Communication and Language, Focus and Attention Span, Reasoning and Judgment, or Visual Perception.

The second speaker was named Kent. He was a school teacher for 36 years and his wife has been diagnosed with having a type of dementia. She was only 62 years old when she was diagnosed. Kent spoke about the adaptations he has made to be able to help his wife live the best life possible, along with how to deal with the difficult times. Kent told us how supportive the ADRC is and how if we ever have loved ones who are diagnosed with a form of dementia that we shouldn’t wait to talk with the center. Kent also spoke about other groups in the area who are here to help.

I have a copy of the pamphlet in my room, so if any of you would like to have a copy I will be sure to get you one, so that you can find the help that is available to all.