Credit card 411

Having trouble managing your finances or do you put all your purchases in a credit card? Check out this board for helpful information!



Art night

Tonight we learned how to paint traditional Japanese art! It was really interesting learning different techniques, ways to manipulate your brush, and brush strokes. By far, my favorite thing I learned was how to make a bamboo tree. Mr. O’Brien explained that if we flatten our brush then make upward strokes, you get beautiful parts of bamboo. This can be seen in some of the pictures below!


Trivia night!

Hey 4S!

Trivia night was awesome! The food was great, the music was awesome, and the company was fun! I’m not great with trivia, but I had a blast with some other RA’s trying to figure questions out and laughing and my friends and RD from last year (pictured above) try to figure out answers! Trivia is a great work out for your brain and you also learn lots of fun knowledge! Hope everyone that came had a good night!